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Hostels for families

Family hostels offer their guests the whole package. They enable you to spend quality time with your loved ones. You can stay in a dorm that guarantees privacy. Some hostels also include a suite with a kitchen. Slovenian HI hostels are located near places that children enjoy, such as the sea, amusement parks and pristine nature, where you can enjoy some snow play for multiple days during winter. The green spaces nearby are an excellent opportunity to play games after you’re finished exploring the surroundings. You can easily reach major attractions in your selected area as well as magical pathways right from the hostel. Of course, there are things to do for parents as well. There are green spaces nearby that are perfect for your morning jog, or you could enjoy a relaxation massage, something all parents need. Hostels enable children to spend their free time outdoors in an unknown environment and an unfamiliar culture, therefore providing new learning experience. Children can take part in courses and workshops where learning is made fun and enjoyable and parents, meanwhile, can take a break and relax. There are also theme rooms that are especially enjoyed by children. And let’s not forget that children who spend their early years in hostels are more likely to become travellers.

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