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HI Connect program

Getting to know the world is one of the greatest desires of many individuals. To be able to travel, to discover unknown corners, meet new people and to learn something. But the HI Connect program bring you experience that you cannot get anywhere else. It gives you a real feeling of working and living in your dream country in one of the hostel of HI networks.

HI Connect offers you a break from your everyday life and gives you the ability to do something different. You work in the hostel of your choice where you do many things – from planning events to taking care of the hostel itself. In exchange for all this, you can stay for free in HI hostels and enjoy delicious food. You have, of course, free days that you can use for independent trips to the nearby and far surroundings or just for rest. And if you're still wondering why you must apply, you better ask yourself why not? During the exchange, you will meet friendly people who will help you and you will help them and in the completely new environment. You also get a special mentor, so you have nothing to fear. Past participants have all learned something new through the program. This is an ideal opportunity to learn a language that you have wanted to learn for many years or to repeat a language that you are forgetting because you’re not using it. The best thing is that you can practice all the time. You learn a lot about tourism and about the operation of hostels. You get to know new good practices that you can bring to your local environment. In the end, you also get a certificate, so you can only imagine how good your CV will look. The HI Connect network includes 13 European countries, USA, South Korea and Canada. Can you even imagine all the different cultures you can meet? Not to mention all international visitors to the hostel you’ll be working at. The exchange will improve your communication skills, give you a self-esteem when performing in front of people, you will learn to be independent and you will have fun doing it. By actively participating you will be promoting sustainable youth mobility and sustainable tourism.

To conclude, we only have one more advice: be brave and have new adventures, which will give you more than you think. Get out of your comfort zone and give the world a chance to get to know you.

Experience of HI Connect programme's volunteers