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Clean up Slovenia in a single day


In the Ecologists across borders society the biggest voluntary action in Slovenia's history is taking place on April 17th 2010: CLEAN UP SLOVENIA IN A SINGLE DAY. The purpose of the project is to connect 200.000 people from Slovenia who'll in a single day clean up over 20.000 tons of communal waste. Apart from cleaning dumping places, the action will take place in the further areas around schools, kindergartens, city centres, and hiking trails. We're inviting all Slovenian schools and kindergartens to take part in this initiative. 
The project has started as a civil initiative, but the response and media support for the action is so huge the organisers themselves are surprised. So far over 30.000 individuals, towns, waste disposal companies, schools, kindergartens, associations and companies have joined in.  
The honorary patrons are the president of the Republic of Slovenia dr. Danilu Türk, the prime minister of Slovenia Borut Pahor and the chairman of the Slovenian Parliament dr. Pavel Gantar. As important partners most of Slovenian non-governmental organisations have joined in, with many associations that are already organizing various cleaning actions around the country.

Even the Office for Youth in the Republic of Slovenia has joined in.
In order to achieve a lasting effect, a big part of the campaign will also involve raising awareness, and the overall interest and support to the campaign also opens up the possibilities of improving the legislative in the field of waste disposal. 
As a part of the project we are putting up a first digital register of unauthorised dumping areas. This will be made into an online map available to all towns in order for them to be able to organise further actions. We are inviting all nature lovers to help create this map, by pointing out these dumping places at
This action will consequently ensure that money spent for cleaning and securing such unauthorised dumping places could be put to better use, for there would be less dangerous waste dumps. The estimated overall saving should reach tens of millions nation wide.
This project is above any individual, thus we are inviting all nature lovers to join us already in the organizational phase. If you wish to help with organizing please write to, if you wish to point out an illegal dumping location please visit There you can also find all the information about the project. For any further questions please contact us at .

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