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November 2012
Safari experience in Kenya

A Better Way to Adventure Kenya and Travel to some of Kenya and Tanzania most iconic destinations will take you to the unexpected where you will meet ordinary and extraordinary people and visit places that are on the path less travelled.

Make your holiday by the travelled path with a different purpose, where you go beneath the obvious and explore cultures and a way of life from the inside out.

With African Home Adventure safari, we like holidays that help us get an insight and a travel experience that is rewarding, enriching and can change lives. We work with local organisations, volunteer agencies and authentic hostels that are exceptional in character and in value.

Kenya adventure holidays should immerse you in the extraordinary. Cultural Adventures is where you meet ordinary and extraordinary people see the extraordinary in everyday life of simple folk who are connected, loving and living by a different set of rules.

The late Stephen Covey said in one of his book The 7 habits of highly effective people that we are all driven to learn, love, live and leave a legacy. Adventure travel and adventure holidays that focus on activities around culture and nature in a new setting are a true opportunity to learn about the world from a different perspective, and in the process to gain insights even on your own place in the world. Adventure is living; it moves people out of their complacency and stretches their minds and their spirit.

African Home Adventure Holidays are about love when you feel the joy in nature and in the lives that touch you. These cultural adventure experiences can impact other lives that you will touch. We leave our legacy in small ways, in being with others, in what we do, how we do it and mostly in why we do it. In sharing our values and our ideas we touch others and are touched, we learn, live love and give.

We are putting together some real adventures in Kenyan culture and nature build on grass roots local experience and local knowledge. It’s our way to exercise Fair Trade in Kenya travel by promoting local companies over big international companies. In doing this we bring more revenue to the many Kenyan destinations and also give travellers a better deal. All our local packages have special deals. Kenya Vacation Specials and Best rate guarantees are part of the local direct bookings offered we encourage from all of our affiliates.

In cases where we do not have local adventure packages, local hotels and local safari adventure companies to work with, we show offers by independent travel agents. Like Enchoro wildlife camp who does a great job of Grass root holidays that mater. Like “Masai Village Walks” who we link to for travel and cultural stories and travel deals that we find helpful and insightful. But our primary focus is to connect travellers with local tourism offering local adventure holiday packages at a fair price.

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