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May 2015  
Travelling in the past
Travelling is a way of life and a way of personal development. But how was it in the past? It certainly wasn’t easy for them like it is for us when we can just sit in the car and drive wherever we want to. more
Between west and east
Istanbul is the only city that’s places on two continents at the same time, making the transport from the airport on the Asian soil to the European centre of the city a true logistic quest. more
5,4,3, Spain, Madrid – part 1
Madrid, the capital of Spain, located in the heart of country at the elevation of 667m, making it the second highest European capital. This is good to know in summer ... more
Taiwan – something for everybody
Usually I couldn’t make any use of my English, still the travel was simple. That’s mostly due to great rail connections, as the rails surround the whole island. more
Hostel in a Slovenian National Park
If you are looking for an action-packed holiday in Slovenia, we recommend you to stay as Katarina and Borut Đurđević's guests at Hostel Pod Voglom in Bohinj. more
10 things to do in Liverpool this spring
There's more to Liverpool than number one hits and the fab four. Make it a spring city break destination and find more parks than Paris, a range of vibrant festivals and a rich heritage. more
Say HI to the new City Hostel in Hasselt
The brand new hostel has a modern and young look and feel to it, and aims to attract young travellers, budget tourists, schools and youth associations. more
German clichés
A good 200 kilometres long and 60 kilometres wide, the Black Forest is not only one of the most varied, but also one of the biggest and best known holiday regions in Germany. more
How to travel on a tight budget?
"I'd love to travel, but can't afford it." Sounds familiar? It's no excuse! If you really want to, you should finally got to the place you wish to visit. A myth about travelling being expensive was busted years ago. more
Arizona, the land of red rocks
The land of red rocks, deserts, endless planes and rattlesnakes is the state my grandma and I travelled on our own. As usually, there were no big plans for the travel, we just hired a car ... more
Washington – part II
Traveling the state of Washington was a special experience, mostly because I travelled with two grandmothers – my own and my boyfriend's mother. more
The City of Counts and Graffiti
Celje is a city of opposites. It combines a Roman past and the modern life; medieval legacy and striving for progress that is a staple of our time. more
About Egyptian tourism and hostels
Alongside our school trip to the ITB fair in Berlin I got the chance to talk to Mr. Abdel Hamid Yehia, a long-time Egyptian tourism professional and veteran of the fair itself. more
Jura Adventure
The region "Jura & Three-Lakes" is famous for its great variety of landscapes, its intact and well-protected nature, its history and rich architectural heritage. more
Festival Shavuot in Jerusalem
This holiday is one of the three Biblical Pilgrimage Festivals, when the Torah commands Israelites living in the Kingdom of Judah to make the journey to Jerusalem. more
Come and say Hi to Ireland
If someone would have asked me in January to say my top 10 countries where I would like to do my internship for my studies, I wouldn’t have thought of Ireland at all. more