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February 2017  
The HISF 2016 project winners
The HI association set up a Hostelling International Sustainability Fund, which allows travellers to donate a small sum of money and thus help reduce CO₂ emissions while booking trough the HI platform. more
Azores, European Oasis - Part 1
An archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic ocean is still a mystery for most, a difficult place to reach for others but a paradise for some. Azores is an archipelago and is one of the autonomous region of Portugal. more
Hill of Crosses
A lot of you probably heard about the Hill of Crosses, which lies in Lithuania and is one of the biggest pilgrimage centres and one of the biggest recognisability of the country. There are more than 150,000 different crosses. more
Skiing under the Matterhorn
The area below the highest Swiss summit has since the first visit of Mount Matterhorn quickly developed into a popular tourist destination. Soon luxury hotels and restaurants were built, and visitors started coming from all over the world. more
Voluntary work in Ireland
During the last few years hostels have become more attractive for me than conservative hotels. But, for the last 3 months hostel is the place I call ‘home’. So, my view might not be the most objective one, but sure it is one of the honest ones. more
Jericoacoara Hostel
If you dream about a hidden tropical paradise different from everything you have ever experienced, then Jericoacoara is definitely your destination! In this little village you’ll find a unique nature, entertainment and relaxation. more
What to do in Lyon on less than 10€
A city with many faces! Here are some great free offers to introduce you to the capital of the Gauls (yes, Lyon has a rich history!). So explore Lyon in all its facets and tell us what you think of it… more
The Paris of the Middle East & Beyond
As I am waiting at the gate to board a plane, I come across one of those thick-and-polished investment magazines, which dedicates an entire article to Lebanon as a promising destination for prospective investors. more
Erasmus+ training course In Dublin
As I announced my friends and family that I was accepted to the course, the reactions were equal – keywords ‘"Guinness, rain, whiskey, landscape, wow, great time’’. So I had no doubts about something great being ahead of me. more
Association game to Poland seems a bit absurd to me. Why? I’m sure that the results would be so different that we could create a whole spectrum from white to black and in the end not one would be true. more
The Hilly Gardaland
We all know Gardaland as the adrenalin centre on the Lake Garda in Italy. But some who prefer adrenaline rather go to the free 'Hilly Gardaland', which is located not far from the famous 'real' Gardaland. Ambient Lake Garda is simply wonderful, but still not enough known. more
Romantic villages
The Salzkammergut with its fascinating mountains and romantic villages is the perfect place to spend your winter holidays. Holiday destination Bad Ischl is famous not only for its connection to the Habsburger dynasty but also for its thermal spa. more
Michelin-starred restaurants, top attractions, cuisine, events, shopping, architecture and art – no, we are not talking about Copenhagen this time. It’s Aarhus, the European Capital of Culture for 2017. more
Germany’s most athletic youth hostel
Bad Tölz lies in Bavaria, between Munich and the Alps. The area surrounding this spa town might have been taken from a picture book: meadows, woods, lakes, green valleys and the rushing river Isar. more