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September 2016  
Interview with Andrea
Love for the world and its variety of cultures was something Andreja Jernejčič already felt as a child. Her wish was to make traveling a full time occupation and it came true when she introduced her blog. more
Beauties of Alpe-Adria Region
Alpe-Adria region offers diverse nature and culture. You can be sure that you will find some kind people and beautiful landscape that will feed your soul and maybe drain your energy if you will go on a hike. more
Croatia from the sea
How is sailing different from a normal trip? Probably because you’re closer to sea every day and night. And you always have time to watch the game of nature. more
Madeira - the island of sun
What to write about Madeira when there’s so many articles about this island? That this is the island of eternal spring, a blooming garden, an island of volcanic origin, a dreamy island in the middle of Atlantic? All this is true. more
Holstein Switzerland
Holstein Switzerland is a hilly landscape with lakes that reminds of Switzerland, even though the highest hill Bungsberg is only 168 metres high. It is also the highest hill of the northernmost German state Schleswig-Holstein. more
Romantic Path Wurzburg
We were on a two-month trip around Europe and we also stopped in a Bavarian city Würzburg. An attractive city lies on one of the famous thematic paths, on a Romantic Path. It leads from the city Fussen to Ludwig’s castle Neuschwanstein. more
Under the Maltese Sea
If you check any list classifying the best diving sites around the world, you’re sure to find Malta and Gozo mentioned prominently upon that list. And there are many reasons why. Firstly, Malta’s strategic location and good weather mean that the currents are warm... more
Dancing Twins and Shiny Titanium Ship
One of the magical things of traveling is the architecture. It differs from city to city and each place hides something special. Have you ever stood in front of a building and admired it? Have you wondered how they built it? more
For 1 year around the globe - Part XII
This question popped up quite a few times. But we always considered Thailand as the official last destination on our trip. But it didn´t turn out that way in the end. So we end our trip with Montenegro! more
Former Polish Capital - Krakow
When you come to Krakow, you have a feeling that you jumped a few centuries in the past. It looks as a medieval city and the old city centre is protected by Unesco. more
Expedition to Elbrus - Part V
After a successful trip, it was time to go back home to Slovenia. We stood on the “roof of Europe”, explored Ukrainian caves, saw lots of attractions, the nature of Georgia and Armenia... But everything comes to an end. more
Dresden and Saxony Switzerland
I explored Saxony Switzerland and all its beauty. Unusual stone blocks, Elba River that runs through hills invited all kinds of people. Bikers, hikers, water sports enthusiasts. Free climbers made history here... more
Stayokay Hostel Utrecht
From now on, it’s possible to stay inexpensively in the city centre of Utrecht, in this hip hotspot which suitably reflects Stayokay’s updated concept. This is a place where you can feel, see, experience and get the taste of Utrecht, and where everyone feels at home. more
Winterberg Youth Hostel
Skiing pleasure isn't limited to the Alps. Winterberg is a small community in the centre of Germany, but the area all around the Kahler Asten mountain is internationally known for its winter sports. It has even hosted World Cup bobsleigh and luge races. more