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July - August 2014  
Volunteer in Bolivia
You can discover Bolivia’s beauties, learn or improve your Spanish, and meanwhile help the poor and remote areas by volunteering. How? Read on ... more
Between Washington and New York - part I
Have you ever considered a trip across the USA? If not, maybe I'll convince you to do so, by describing my experiance. more
Eurotrip with granny – part II
My granny and I have travelled all together over 11 European countries. We were usually an attraction for the locals, because my granny was 81 years old and I was six months pregnant. more
Summer adventure in Slovenia
Don't know what to do during the summer? You've got some adrenalin leftover, you'd like to burn? I can help you find the solution to your problem. Slovenia is a true treasure chest of adrenalin adventures. more
Ptuj – the town under the castle
The town is located between the Ptuj and Drava plains and is among the oldest settlements of Slovenia. The nice town with the city wall is despite its small size very proud of its rich cultural heritage. more
Gambia, the land of smiling hearts!
I’ve went to Gambia for two months, through the Slovenian association Kids are the World, where I was volunteering at a local kindergarten. I’ve discovered the association by chance, while browsing the web. more
Lower Carniola - Slovenia
I set out to visit Lower Carniola, more specifically places around Soteska at Dolenjske Toplice, where on a bicycle and mountaineering boots I aimed to find a Slovene jungle. more
Meet Romans in Emona - Ljubljana
The city is celebrating 2000 years since the establishment of the Roman colony Iulia Emona by organizing numerous activities that commemorate these two millennia of the colony throughout the summer and beyond. more
The group offer in the heat of the summer
Summer is also the time when we can take the holiday and visit one of the Slovenian places, where we can hang out together with several group activities. more
100 years of the Swiss National Park
Within its boundaries nature is left to develop freely; humans remain in the background and are merely witnesses of the evolution that contributes so greatly to the incomparable character of this habitat. more
Travelling Tips
Summer is here and every young traveller is planning his trip, whether just for an escape to the seaside or for travelling through Europe or any other continent. more
Galleries and Museums around Europe – part I
Europe is known by its rich culture and beauty in every form. Galleries and museums are places that you cannot miss while travelling around Europe. more
Macedonia: the awesome Ohrid - part II
After a three day visit of Skopje we took a taxi for a two hour (170km long) trip to the town of Ohrid. Ohrid is a harbour town that will fascinate even the most demanding tourist. more
Cycling the Island of Pašman
You can cycle on the roads only on one side of the island, where most of the people live. There are small settlements there and a nice asphalt road all the way across the bridge to the island of Ugljan. more
Samara – the city on the banks of River Volga
Samara is sixth on the list of largest cities in Russia and has just little under 2 million inhabitants. For a short period of time (between 1941 and 1942) Samara was the state capital. more
Lake break near Salzburg
East of Salzburg the Mondsee (the Moon Lake) invites you for a visit. The shape resembles the young moon, thus the name. The lake is especially inviting during the warm months, when the water really heats up. more
Summer time in Koper
Arriving in Koper today, visitors see a typical Mediterranean town, bordered on one side by the sea and on the other by rolling hills dotted with picturesque little villages. more
Experience Murska Sobota - Slovenia
This small and tranquil pannonian town of Murska Sobota lies in the far northeast of Slovenia. With over 2000 sun hours in the Year, Murska Sobota is the 5th sunniest towns in Slovenia. more
Affordable Accommodation for all Young
Where did it all begin? In 1914 the first permanent Youth Hostel in the world opened its door in the castle of Altena, a little town in the middle of Germany. more
Danhostel Roskilde
Danhostel Roskilde is located in Roskilde harbour next to the Viking Ship Museum. The hostel is open all year round, with 40 large en-suite rooms and facilities for courses and conferences. more