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Januar 2015  
Start off alone but end up with a friend
You don’t know exactly where you’re going, what you’re gonna do, if you’re gonna meet someone, if you might meet your future wife or husband … That’s the fun of travelling. more
Slovenia in 10 days - part II
Most people would say that they 'saw' Slovenia in a couple of days, but that would be wrong. There is so much more than simply going to Ljubljana, Postojna and Bled. more
A Conversation with a 2000-miler
The Appalachian National Trail is a mountain trail on the Eastern Shore of the United States of America, stretching from Springer Mountain in the state of Georgia to the south, all the way to t. Katahdin in Maine to the north. more
5 places in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Thinking what to write about Bosnia, I first though about all the places I’ve visited. Thus I’ll start by writing about the top five places on my personal list and what I’ve seen there. more
Bad Kleinkirchheim - Austria
One of more beloved ski resorts in Austria among Slovenians is the resort Bad Kleinkirchhem. Naturally, they don't only offer skiing, they offer much more than that! more
Singapore, an island, a city, a state
Singapore is at the same time an island, a city and an independent state, which incorporates also a few smaller islands under the south part of the Malaysian Peninsula. more
An unusual tourist attraction
Entring through tall gates already smelled like an adventure! It was even more interesting, while reading about groups who, before us, tackled the mystery of Alchemist’s room. more
San Francisco Stopover
There are few places in the world more famous than the Golden Gate, but San Francisco offers much more than just a shiny bridge and makes a great stopover destination. more
Stuttgart –the automobile city
Welcome to the birthplace of the automobile! In Stuttgart you can take a journey through more than 125 years of fascinating automotive history – and on into the future. more
Plan your piste for the ski season
A firm favourite among well-seasoned skiers and boarders, and new alpine travellers, Swiss glacier village Saas-Fee has been described as a sort of miniature Zermatt, without the conspicuous consumption. more
Introducing Western Australia
Begin your journey in Lancelin, close to Yanchep National Park, the Pinnacles and Benedictine town, New Norcica. Lancelin is the place to be for surfboard or sandbord adventures. more
Volunteer in Ireland
An Óige provides you, besides all other, also great volunteering options, like helping to run some of the hostels and their maintenance, to organize the clubs and walks and hikes... more
Traveling without a final goal
Traveling opens a whole new world of the world. It opens your mind, you accept many more things you ever had and you become less demanding, more content and you stop getting angry about absurdities of life. more
Earn by travelling: myth or truth?
Do you end your thinking about where to go to with the excuse – there's no money? No more! You can avoid this if you read the following interview closely. We talked to an entrepreneur and traveller Tomaž Gorec. more
Belgrade, the city of party and beautiul women
The capital of our former joint country – Yugoslavia – and today's Serbia, is the main economic, cultural and political centre of the country. more
From mining to skiing - Austria
Schladming is famous for many events in winter skiing sports and excellent ski slopes. It's recognised far off and attracts visitors from all over the globe. more
Discover Slovenia: Ptuj
Do yourself a favour and visit this town called Ptuj. Being a foreigner myself I’m speaking to you in all honesty and I can say that there’s so much more to this town than just its quietness ... more
Valbella Youth Hostel
An attractive building in a beautiful holiday region. Valbella-Lenzerheide has a great deal to offer. During the winter months, the slopes provide ample ski sporting opportunities. more
Experience the Northern Lights with HI Norway
To experience the Northern Lights is fascinating! It is a natural phenomenon that is incredibly beautiful – and it has many myths attached to it. more
Winter on the shores of Israel's Red Sea
As winter sets in over the world, the landscape of most cities begins to change. Eilat is Israel’s southernmost city, and though it may not become snowy or frosty, it transforms as well. more
Amazon adventure in hostel in Manaus
Manaus is the capital of the Brazilian state Amazonas that occupies the greatest part of the tropical forest zone of the Amazon River. That means that you can get to know nature in a way you have never experienced before! more
YHA Brighton – the hostel that got everyone talking
Brighton is a YHA with a difference, combining the welcoming community feel of our hostels with the quirkiness and boutique vibe of Brighton living. more