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August 2015  
Going to seaside with a toddler
Every parent will undoubtedly agree that parenthood is something you can never be fully prepared for and that a child will definitely cause changes in your life. Off course, this doesn’t mean you have to become a servant to the child. more
Across Russia and back by car
Boris Šajtegelj, a world traveller who knows no borders, made an interesting trip yet again. Usually he either cycled of hitchhiked, or maybe took one form or another of public transport… but sometimes also took the car to countries close by. more
Treat your taste butts right
In the past years the food markets became really popular, offering local and distant visitors various dishes at good prices. Slovenia is no exception and also follows the worldwide trend! more
To try Umbria
Umbria is fairly unknown to people visiting Italy, especially compared to the neighbouring Toscana. But I was quickly charmed. Actually, at first glance both regions are very much alike. more
An attractive day in the tree tops
For quite some time Slovenia's offers for adrenalin lovers have met the demand. Apart from climbing, rafting, kiting, mountain biking and more, there're now many new attractions. more
Feel the true energy of the Karst
Hostel Ociski raj offers you a special experience – sleeping on lavender pillows. Part of the hostel is also a lavender flower bed and a small herb garden. Herbal garden, which can compete with the best herbal gardens in the world. more
Because we love basketball
The capital of Croatia, Zagreb, will host group C matches of the Eurobasket 2015. So stay in Youth Hostel Zagreb for one or more nights during basketball weeks and save 20% on regular price. more
Experience of Nature Park Panarbora
The Experience of Nature Park Panarbora is located approximately 50 kilometres east of Cologne and enables you to experience Germany from an interesting perspective. more
Top 5 hostels in Australia
Top 5 hostels near Aboriginal cultural attractions in Australia. Below are the Top 5 hostels in Australia for travellers seeking to experience indigenous culture. more
To mountains with a baby
There's nothing better for small children than to spend a lot of time in unspoiled nature in a close connection with their parents. But for most people it's still more usually to see parents with babies in cafes along a road in the city centre. more
Up to five thousant at least once a year – part II
Izidor is a post graduate student of Geography and English and a volunteer of HI Slovenia. He’s a guide of the Slovenian mountaineering society with categories A, B, C and D and also a trainer of orientation. more
A colourful favela in the middle of Korea
Whichever way you choose, I am sure you will fall in love with this magical hill just like I did the moment I caught the first glimpse of its colourful stacks of cubicle homes. more
Sicily – a quiet and mysterious place
It covers the whole of the island to the south of the country. The largest Mediterranean island, and the Italian region, is still closely connected to tradition, but also with mafia. more
The waking beauty of Dalmatia
The cherry on the cream on top of the desert was this year's stay on the most wonderfuly Croatian island, which showed all its natural beauty in June. more
Stay at the home of Dracula
Do you love the ghosts, garments and goths of Whitby – one of the most unique seaside towns in the UK? YHA Whitby is located right at the heart of its heritage - sitting proudly beside the iconic Whitby Abbey ruins! more
Hiking on Pulpit Rock
Have you never hiked on Pulpit Rock? It’s absolutely amazing! Stunning! Breathtaking! These are the words that are often used to describe the famous Norwegian rock formation - the Pulpit Rock. more
Aarhus full of entertainment
While Copenhagen, Denmark, might be the city of choice for many tourists, Aarhus is certainly a noteworthy rival. Situated on the peninsula of Jutland, it is the second largest city in Denmark. more
Canada is looking for the Best of Backpacking
Add a hashtag sign and you could win your next bed at a Hostelling International Canada of your choice, plus $50 dollars ... more