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March 2015  
5 Reasons for Sleeping in Hostels
You can find hostels in almost every city. They are not only the cheapest accommodation but much more. We can choose our hostel based on our interests and our activities in the city. more
Everywhere is nice
Many planes changed along the way and they realized there is no real plan. They travel as they feel like it and wherever the road takes them. Wherever it feels better or more exciting. more
Backpacking for business contacts
So you're having a year off. You might go and volunteer abroad, you might just grab a backpack and simply travel, or you might get an abroad job as an au-pair or something similar. more
Kranjska Gora, wonderland
Winter is a very beautiful season. In Slovenia, and to be more precise at Kranjska Gora, we can see a charming winter land with lots of snow and outdoor activities to enjoy. more
Malaysia – Asia up close – part II
As the previous part was mostly about getting to know the capital of Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur, we’ll take a look at two more destinations. It’s the national park Pahang and the Island of Penang. more
Adventures in Brazil
Belo Horizonte is the capital of Minas Gerais, a Brazilian state which is famous for its natural beauties and historic importance. In this city the classic meets the modern in a very special way. more
New Hostel in Belgrade
The hostel has a vibrant hipster atmosphere inspired by the alternative scenes in cities like New York and Berlin. The hostel is starting a concept by inviting guests to share their stories and be part of its history. more
Travel to the top of Denmark
Danhostel Skagen located at the northernmost part of Denmark is surrounded by white sand beaches, nature reserves and a unique light. more
Hostel of the year in Finland
Hostel Vaihelan Tila has been awarded the title of Hostel of the Year 2015 by HI Finland. The hostel, with its surrounding farm, is located in the village of Pappinen, in Joutsa. more
The best hostels of 2014
HI announces the winners of the 2014 Hostel Awards. These included most comfortable hostel, friendliest hostel, green hostel, best hostel and best National Association of hostels. more
A Japanese thrilled with Slovenia
Hanaka Matsui is a young girl that travelled through quite a few European countries, among them also Slovenia. She’s been travelling on her own for two years now. more
Albania, a country worth coming back to
The first impression of Albania is just the opposite of the title. When you say you're going to Albania, everybody will just ask you – what will you be doing there? more
The Slovenian countryside: Haloze
Haloze is famous for its wine production. On every second hill there is vineyard and a lot of people own special "wine houses" which are especially for the production of wine. more
Pools and Waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes
The question that poses itself is, whether it deserves the prestigious spot or has the tourist oversaturation killed the attraction of this pearl of karst landscapes. more
Spring Special in Switzerland
Why not suddenly decide to book a last-minute long weekend or a week’s holiday? It could not be easier. 35 Youth Hostels are looking forward to welcome you this spring. more
Apps for travellers
In the past few years Israel has gained a reputation as a hub of innovation and invention. A start-up nation full of young, tech-savvy entrepreneurs who are continuously finding ways to enrich the world. more
The Lion City
Starting in July, Brunswick can be visited on a budget. A brand new Youth Hostel for 160 guests will be opening its doors right in the centre of the city. more
Welcome to the Potsdam
The new Youth Hostel is located in Potsdam’s beautiful suburb of Babelsberg, less than 50 metres from the station. One can reach the centre of Berlin in just 40 minutes on the S-Bahn. more