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February 2015  
A teen dancing off to the world
Ema Žurej is a talented dancer and a girl of the world who lives in Madrid as an Au-Pair at the moment and has found some time to share her experience with us. more
Volunteering abroad
I know from my own experience that finding something interesting, and yet not too expensive, can prove to be a very difficult task. Therefore, I decided to save you a couple of hours ... more
Malaysia – Asia up close – part I
City break is an established term for a few days stop in a larger city and Kuala Lumpur is definitely one of the capital cities worth a few days stopover.It is also a great starting point for getting to know the continental Malaysia. more
The valley of falling water – Maltatal
Maltatal is a valley, where you'll for some 14 kilometres stretch of road see more waterfalls, rapids and even a huge dam than you can imagine. more
The land of endless mountains
Unexpectedly, before looking into it first, one late evening me and two grannies crossed the border between Canada and the US. It was my boyfriend's grandma, my grandma and myself. more
A Mediterranean Ski Vacation
We’ll forgive you if the first thing you think of when imagining a getaway in always sunny Israel doesn’t happen to be skiing. But we worry you won’t forgive yourself if you don’t consider the idea at all. more
HI Roma Hostel in Curitiba
Curitiba is one of the cities you have to visit in the Southern Brazilian territory. The city is known for its environmentally friendly and multicultural lifestyle, you can see the green areas everywhere. more
On the sunny side of the Rhine
The Middle Rhine Valley is the most picturesque section of the largest German river. There are romantic scenes showing castles and ruins, towns alongside the river as well as vineyards. more
Study while traveling?
You're looking forward to the trip, cool company and new adventures, but an unpleasant feeling knocks on your conscience all the time – you still got one more exam left when you return. more
Working as Au pair
With the thirst for knowledge you can quickly make a great leap to learn a new language in short time, and gain other skills along the way you might not even know off until you return home and others notice them. more
Muzil: The Hidden Histories of Pula
If we wish to experience the architecture, whose stones still remember the time of the ancient emperors and Austrian monarchs, we need not travel any further than the capital of Istra, Croatia: Pula. more
Stenar in the heart of Julian Alps
Stenar is a bedrock in the heart of Julian Alps, from where you can get an almost unparalleled view on a clear day. more
The embrace of nature and culture
We invite you to visit the municipality of Kanal ob Soči and discover its beautiful nature and rich cultural heritage. Through the trails of the municipality you can go by bike, ... more
Snowshoe Tour in Switzerland
For nature-lovers who want to experience and explore winter landscapes together in the valley and on the mountain a guided snowshoe tour is available. For two days you will find recreation in a tranquil, snow-covered natural environment. more
New hostel Danhostel Langeland
The island of Langeland, located between the islands of Lolland and Funen, is a beautiful island with fantastic scenery, forests and beaches. It is a long, narrow island with hills, wild Exmoor horses and beautiful birds. more
YHA Black Sail - As Seen on TV!
Only accessible by foot or on bike, and a two and a half mile trek from the nearest road, England’s most remote hostel, YHA Black Sail, is the epitome of secluded, remote and tranquil. more