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September 2015  
Project Sleep for Peace
Peace and crisis are very current themes in this time in Europe. Young people have the voice and we have to use it. We have to make sure that international day of peace will be peaceful and that we will contribute to it. more
Wonderful Radovljica and its Surroundings
Who says that you have to go to the sea for holiday? Of course I haven’t left out the sea but for a change I also went to Upper Carniola to breath in some fresh air and tire my feet with going hiking. more
City break to near-by cities - Budapest
After a longer pause from travelling I'm returning to the city streets and roads, which are giving me new energy, giving me new knowledge and take me to a world of people I don't know yet. more
The state that surpassed our expectations
My grandma and I went to Colorado on our own, as it’s become a tradition for us in the past few years and we both had great experience in this part of the world. We took a rental car and went from one attraction of the land to the next. more
From Sarajevo to Mostar
The always lively city of Sarajevo and a slightly calmer Mostar are the two places you most definitely need to visit. The travel from one to the other is all the more interesting as they are separated by the valley of the Neretva River. more
Odense – The Birthplace of Fairytales
Odense, located on the island of Funen, is Denmark’s third largest city, and the birthplace of fairytale writer, Hans Christian Andersen. Funen is the second largest island in Denmark, and lies between the island of Zealand, and the peninsula of Jutland. more
HI Hostel Chapada - Brazil
Lençóis is the perfect destination for ecotourism lovers, being the gateway to the extraordinary Chapada Diamantina National Park. As many already know and have experienced, Brazil is much more than beautiful beaches. more
Discover hip & historic Ghent
Lonely Planet calls it “Europe’s best kept secret of Europe”. National Geographic Traveler Magazine places it third in its global ranking of authentic destinations. Ghent is definitely worth a visit and will surprise you in so many ways. more
Mateja Mazgan – a bold and unparalleled volunteer
I'm sure that while you were reading one of the Globetrotter issues you had to come across one of the most active volunteers that HI Slovenia has – it's Mateja Mazgan. She was nominated for the best volunteer of 2014. more
What Every Traveller Needs
Bohinj Valley with its Lake Bohinj, which was made and shaped by a glacier thousands of years ago, is one of the hidden corners in the world that should be mentioned in every traveller's guide book as it offers a great variety of outdoor activities. more
Cycling is not for the weak
You need to be careful and wise to choose a bicycle suitable for yourself. Looking at most of the offer, these are low quality bicycles, you can recognise by weight. more
Thailand, the land of smiles
It's a special feeling when you walk through the glass door of the modern Bangkok airport and find yourself in the city crowd in weather, which is unusually humid compared to what we are used to. You will immediately be surrounded by people offering you ... more
Earn your backpacker’s degree at YHA Cambridge
When it comes to being at one with its famously academic location, our beautifully refurbished YHA Cambridge is top of the class. 4-star cosmopolitan hostel leaves everyone feeling inspired. more
Free meal in Swiss Youth Hostel
Good news for all who are planning to sleep in Swiss hostels. Dear parents! Your kids will be able to get free dinner if you book a hostel up to the end of October. Isn’t that great? It means that there will be more money for ice cream. more
Hostel in Stralsund
This time, even more guests – including wheelchair users – are able to explore this city with its own character. The Youth Hostel has two new buildings, both are near the water and both with a complete access for the disabled. more
A day trip to the Aran Islands
Take a day trip to the Aran Islands for an authentic Irish experience. Here you can get away from ABSOLUTELY everything. The barren and rugged landscape is unique and beautiful. Irish is still spoken daily, and age-old traditions remain prevalent. more