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May 2016  
Charm of the Big European Cities
Rome, Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam... Even their names bring out feelings inside us. These cities are known to all and everyone has an opinion about them. Each of these cities is one of a king with its own charm, but they are similar in a way. more
My life in China
How to gather five-year experience in China in a few thoughts? My mind slips in the year 2008 when I was standing at the airport, covered with fear of saying goodbye to my family. more
Isla Magdalena, Chile
Chilean people like to say that if you turn a world map upside down, Chile is the first country. It means that they are really far south in South América. And Isla Magdalena is located in the very south of that southern country. more
Greece – Part I
Two hours north from Athens, on terrace of southwest slope of Mount Parnassus, lie Delphi, one of the most famous places in Ancient Greece. more
Principality of Liechtenstein
We know very little about the little country Liechtenstein. It is located between Switzerland on the west and Austria on the east and hides a lot of attractions. more
Travelling is teaching you sincerity
Do you accept yourself the way you are and dare to look in the mirror? Take a look at your reflection. If you can’t honestly say to yourself: “I love you,” then it’s time for a change. Maybe time for travelling? more
Say HI to Bovec – Part II
How did suitcases from all over the world end up in hostel Bovec? Who, when, how and where and with what purpose did the participants participate in a project Write a project, improve your competences in Bovec for ten days? more
New hostel in Rome
The Hostel is in Via Cavour, in the hearth of Rome and very close to Termini Railway Station, well connected by train-shuttle to Fiumicino International Airport but also by bus and metro to all the famous sites of Rome. more
Youth Hostels in England & Wales
Whether you yearn for the dramatic Welsh mountains or one of Britain’s most upcoming cities – we’ve got a hostel for you! Take a look at our top hostel picks and some of the best things to do in their exciting locations. more
Expedition to Elbrus – Part I
We had an idea to climb on the highest European mountain two years ago, when we were returning from Mont Blanc. And year after year three members of the team were still interested and we started planning and joining the team. more
For 1 year around the globe - Part VIII
Tokyo deserved an article of its own because it is an amazing city well worth visiting and we can't wait to go back. While we were in Japan, we visited also other places. Some are well known, some not so much. more
My first stop was a double attraction located in Werfen, about one hour from Salzburg by train. I have visited two really amazing places: The biggest ice cave in Europe, called Eisriesenwelt, and the Hohenwerfen castle. more
Travelling in China – Part II
We wanted to visit a little less lively parts of China, live the culture that is promised in Yip Man movies. We jumped on a train and headed to the countryside. more
A Foretaste of Cancun
I started exploring Mexico in one of the most tourist city. Cancun has regular plane connections with Europe, so it’s not a surprise that this is a starting point for exploring Mexico. more
Traveller and mountaineer Sašo
Meet Sašo Benetek who told us about some of his impressions from the trips he took to some exotic countries, for example to Yemen. He also told us his view on using the social media for planning your trip. more
Dubrovnik – The Little Hollywood
During the past few years, Dubrovnik has truly become „A little Hollywood“. The attractive locations of the old city and its surroundings have already served as a set in a number of world's famous films and TV series. more
Zurich hostel celebrates golden jubilee
Hostel offers a spacious modern lobby as well as a modernly furnished inner courtyard as a meeting point for international globetrotters and unpretentious yet comfortable rooms with two to six beds. more
The green heart of Budapest
Margaret Island is the green heart of Budapest. It lies in the middle of the Danube between Margaret Bridge and Árpád Bridge. It is a huge green park with promenades and benches, great for a date or a picnic. more