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October - November 2016  
Interview with Simona and Jure – Part I
Simona and Jure are a very special couple. In the last weeks they got pretty well known in Slovenia, usually by the nickname "The two, who traveled the world!" more
Learning New Languages
Do you want to learn a certain foreign language and master at least its basics? You do not know where and how to start? You need the knowledge of a certain language to communicate easier and to approach the locals while travelling? more
Barcelona for Women
Welcome to the guide across Barcelona for confused people or how to avoid awkward situations in the capital of Catalonia. First, it’s important to know how to say Barcelona for people not to look at you like you’re a weirdo. more
15% discount on bus travel with HI membership
HI membership brings you a lot of savings and benefits. For example it saves you at least 10% on accommodation costs and enables you to use one of the cheapest online-booking systems. more
A break by the spectacular dam
Besides possibilities for sports activities, the biggest attraction of the lake is a dam that was finished on 1913 after four years of building. It was the biggest dam in Europe at that time and it was built because of the increasing demand for water and electricity. more
Eco hostel Cantareira
In the “Serra da Cantareira”, 20 minutes from the city of São Paulo, you will find a HI Hostel, which is perfect to relax and enjoy nature. In addition to wonderful panoramic views of the mountain, you will find a complete leisure structure with swimming pool, gazebo, sauna,... more
Malta’s Hidden Talent: Food
The mixture of bright sunshine and warm Mediterranean water lashing against the island’s shores makes Malta’s cuisine just as delicious as some of its Mediterranean neighbours France, Italy and Greece. more
Attending college abroad
A free college degree from abroad is not an illusion, and by free I not only mean free tuition, but also free housing, health insurance and perhaps some pocket money. Interested? Keep reading. more
Erasmus+ - what to choose, studying or internship? – Part I
Erasmus+ is by far the most recognized mobility project funded by EU. Two major mobility opportunities within Erasmus program are study scholarship and internship. more
For 1 year around the globe - Part XIII
We are »home«. We rented a lovely apartment in Graz, I returned to my old job, Jure still works online. We use weekends for shorter or longer trips, spend time with family and friends and our dog. more
Salve, o, Venusta Sirmio
Sirmione is a city that is old and new, complicated and simple and extremely lively and sometimes calm. It’s a city of contrasts. If you’re travelling around Italy, it’s definitely worth it to see Sirmione. You can book a room in our HI hostel. more
Saturday in the Gulf of Trieste
Let's go! Action! On a hot June Saturday, with a backpack full of adrenaline and exuberantly cheerful, the three musketeers (Saša, Kaja and I) were finally on our way. This time our journey led us to the northern part of the Gulf of Trieste. more
Where to sleep in Croatia?
Croatian Youth Hostel Association is an organization engaged in the development and promotion of tourism for young people. It is the only hostel chain in Croatia, with 6 hostels located in the most attractive locations across the country. more
How to spend 3 days in Paris?
Do you have two or three days and a small budget to explore the French way of life by visiting its most famous cities? It is very easy if you are well organised! To begin with, head for Paris, the City of Light. more