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July 2015  
Travelling = Happiness?
Travelling is important because of many things but it brings one thing to most of us - happiness. No one can describe a feeling when we buy a train or a plain ticket whether we are going away only for a day or a whole year. more
New open door between Australia and Slovenia
Have you always wanted a working holiday in Australia but never knew how to get to that easy? Since September 2015 it will be a little easier for you. more
»Where did you say you’re going? Ecuador? That’s South America right? What will you do there? You’ll take up practice in a micro-brewery – now that’s random! Isn’t it dangerous there…« more
Gardaland a bit differently
What's the first thing that pops in your mind when you hear Gardaland? Is it the theme park full of adrenalin? Is it the only thrill you can get at the largest lake in Italy? Lake Garda offers much more than this. more
There are just a few people that decide to travel around Kosovo. While traveling the Balkans with motorbikes, we decided to visit this country, said to be poor and dangerous. more
The London Adventure
Five unforgettable days. Three energetic students. One city – our favourite city. A mixture of cultures, variety of culinary experience, fun and unusual clothing, magnificent buildings ... more
Mobile Classroom Moving With You
If you have been bitten by the travel bug you know how it feels to have a constant urge to travel but at the same time asking yourself: How could it be done in a more authentic way? more
Extraordinary city in Saxony-Anhalt
Halle (Saale) has an approximate population of 230,000 making it Saxony-Anhalt’s largest town in terms of residents. It lies on the banks of the river Saale and has excellent transport connections. more
Adventures in Israel
Anyone truly wishing to uncover the gems of Israel’s history is more than welcome to take a trip back in time, and truly experience how it all began in this exceptionally unique region. more
Up to five thousant at least once a year – part I
This is the one of the goals that Izidor Furjan had set for himself. He spends most of the year in mountains, either with his friends or as the guide for the mountaineering association. more
Cycling paradise
Slovenia is a very varied country, where nature lovers can experience it in many ways. One of the most interesting ways is undoubtedly cycling. more
At the heart of fun – Rimini
Rimini holds the reputation for one of the most touristic cities on the Italian Adriatic coast. A few kilometres long and some hundred meters wide coast becomes a labyrinth of sun screens and towels in the summer. more
Ugljan and Pašman
This year’s traditional May first tour of Croatian islands was spent on exploring two islands – Ugljan and Pašman. Both are among larger Croatian island and both part of the Zadar archipelago. They’re even connected to each other by a bridge. more
When a fairy-tale comes alive
In the past they presented power and the wealth of a city, above which they boasted, today they're the main tourist attraction. In the past whole countries suffered while they were built. more
5,4,3, Španija, Madrid – part III
Welcome to the third and last part of our trip to Spain. I've decided to describe the three towns that made it to the UNESCO heritage list according to the alphabet: Avila, Segovia and Toledo. more
Cycling in England
Whether it's having somewhere to wash the mud off your bike or knowing your bike is safely locked away for the night, we're determined to get our hostels up to scratch. more
New Hostel Braz in Rio de Janeiro
Those who are planning to visit Brazil are surely eager to get to know the famous Wonderful City! Rio de Janeiro is one of the most visited cities in Brazil and has so much to see and to do, with its astonishing beaches, the nature ... more
Danhostel Skanderborg
Skanderborg, one of Denmark’s beautiful merchant towns, is known for festivals, sports, history and culture. The area is part of the Lakelands, with rivers and lakes. more