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June 2016  
The power of curiosity
As many young millennials in Slovenia, Ana Tasič, a twenty-eight-year-old from Maribor, realized at a very early age that she wants to see the world beyond her home town. She is a travel lover, skiing instructor and philanthropist. more
Expedition to Elbrus – Part II
Border Ukraine - Russia... Who would’ve thought that I was considered Croatian at the last border and almost couldn’t go to Russia? But somehow I managed to arrive. Kilometres and kilometres of long, straight roads were waiting in Russia. more
Pearl in the Chilean desert
Chile is a country of contrast. It has glaciers, forests, the huge Andes and also, the driest desert in the world. It is called Atacama Desert, it has as little of rain as one millimetre every 20 years. In the middle of this dry desert is located San Pedro de Atacama. more
Pretzels, Bratwurst and Schnitzels!
Vienna is an expensive city, everyone was saying to me when they heard that I’m going there for a student exchange. Why would I listen to them, I thought quietly and was confident that my scholarship would be more than enough. more
With a Motorbike in Balkan
Travelling with a motorbike is something special. It requires a little more organization, but it offers endless freedom. A group of bikers has taken a trip to Balkan. We drove 3000 wonderful kilometres through Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro. more
Corumba and region
Corumbá is a county that belongs to the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul, in the middle of the incredible Pantanal biome, with a unique fauna and flora that you cannot find anywhere else in the whole world! more
An Epic Trip Across Canada
Last summer we recruited one of our Montreal hostel staff, Gabrielle and a cameraman, Jonathan to go on a trip across Canada, stay in HI hostels all over the country, experience each city and film the whole thing! more
For 1 year around the globe - Part IX
This was the first time in our travels that we had visitors: our travelling buddies from the UK, whom we meet in Laos and travelled together for two weeks, came to the Philippines just for us, so we could celebrate Jure´s birthday together. more
Greece – Part II
On northwest of the lowlands of Thessaly at the foot of Pindos Mountains there is a group of weirdly shaped rocks around 400 metres high, named Meteora. The unusual rocks are very impressive by itself and a tourist should not leave out this attraction while visiting Greece. more
Fancy a perfect summer getaway or a cool spring break destination? Somewhere to get away from the crazy bustle of everyday life? Or a new exciting destination to explore with your loved one? Look no further than Tarragona. more
Hiking on Hvar
Hvar is definitely one of the most famous islands in Middle-Dalmatian archipelago. It is popular amongst Slovenians, other Europeans and also amongst Asians. Asians usually go on a trip for a few weeks to really see the island and Pakleni Islands nearby. more
Sleep in prison guards’ home
The latest unique tourism accommodation in Western Australia is Fremantle Colonial Cottages, part of a UNESCO World Heritage-listed nineteenth century jail complex. Choose from three self-contained, lovingly restored historic cottages, each with its own distinctive ... more
Danhostel’s Newest Hostel on Bornholm
Bornholm is a beautiful island, considered the sunniest region in Denmark. Each area on Bornholm is unique and offers visitors an unforgettable holiday. This pearl in the Baltic Sea is Denmark’s best jewel. more
Red Bricks with a long tradition
With the Baltic Sea and its wonderful beaches, extensive forests, shimmering lakes and historical city centres with their characteristic redbrick houses, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania acts like a magnet. more