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November 2015  
A job is no reason to travel less
Miran Šinko had known since he was a youth that travel are something that gives meaning to his life. He started travelling independently when he was 14, when he and a group of his classmates travelled to Netherlands. more
For 1 year around the globe
Although Argentina wasn´t in the first plan of our journey around the world, we discovered quite a lot of it. It is a major country with so much to offer, so diverse and waiting for you to visit it. more
Variety, temperament and leisure
When we hear “Canary islands” we think about relaxation, exotic, beaches and palm trees. With such an image in mind I’ve visited the three of seven islands for fifteen days this July and August. more
Let’s visit Maribor!
Maribor is the city, where I study and where I walk every day on my way to the faculty or to a friend. It was an inspiration for many Slovenian writers like Drago Jančar, Tone Partljič and Jože Snoj. But do we ever really look around and see its beauty? more
The tallest peak of Austria and its tour skiing
One of the very popular peaks for tour skiing is the Austrian Grossglockner. I’m sure that part of its appeal is also the fact, it’s the highest Austrian peak, but also offers excellent tour skiing. more
Easy, for the soul
That’s what the waiter told us, when he poured a cup of hot coffee. He took our order with a smile and was really relaxed about it. No hurry or rush we got used to back home. more
Celebrate New Year in Germany
Many youth hostels have prepared special programmes for their guests around the last day of the year. A delicious buffet and a range of other attractions await you on New Year’s Eve. more
A Visit to Copenhagen during Autumn
Many exciting in and outdoor activities await travellers to Copenhagen, so the weather will take a back seat to your holiday plans. What can you expect during autumn in Copenhagen? A host of museums ... more
Be the change
I was always looking for something, until I’ve stopped and closed my eyes and took a couple of deep breaths. I asked myself: “Žan, what is it you really want to do in your life?" more
Cycling adventure in Scotland – part II
With no adrenalin and stubborn will I'd probably give up in the following days. The second day the rain was really strong and the wind to the left was so strong I had to walk ... more
»Free tours« around Europe
It doesn’t matter who decided to make a trip abroad – young, old, groups, families, individuals … the goal is usually to see as much as possible, for as little as possible. But this can be a too optimistic wish. more
Slovenian natural paradise
The valley of Bohinj and its lake is today part of the Triglav national park. So the shore of the lake remains pristine and the people can truly be proud of it. It’s due to the unspoiled nature that Bohinj attracts me more than the Lake Bled. more
A mountain Peca
A mountain, beautiful on the outside and special on the inside, has got to be Peca. It's the tallest mountain in Koroška and is shared between Slovenia and Austria as the national border stretches over its peak. more
Winter comes to life
8 Swiss Hostels are launching their season between 15 November 2015 and 18 December 2015. Book your stay in the early season and take advantage of our attractive offer. more
Serra Verde Express
The Serra Verde Express is a longtime partner of Hostelling International Brazil, offering an incredible train ride that is the great dream of travelers who visit the country. It is the second largest tourist attraction in the state of Paraná more
8 things to do in Bath this winter
With its luxurious Roman Baths and stylish Georgian buildings, Bath looks gorgeous in any season. If you’re looking for a winter break with added dazzle, look no further than Jane Austen’s favourite city. more