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April 2016  
Wandering around China - prat I
There are only a few places that left such a mark on a person as the Far East. China offers many wonders to be seen – from clay warriors in Xian to martial arts of the Shaolin monks, Guilin and its countryside, a mixture of traditional and modern in Beijing ... more
Sleepless Buenos Aires – part II
After seeing the houses is the colours of the rainbow, walking through the oldest part of the city (San Telmo) and visiting the prestigious Teatra Colon, we will recall the memories of the world renowned Evita Peron, visit her grave and other famous landmarks of the city that await us eagerly. more
For 1 year around the globe - part VII
The capital of Japan, Tokyo is sooooo cooool, we were really sad, when we had to leave. Thinking it's just a big busy city, a concrete jungle illuminated by neon lights where everything is robotic and all the hotels have only capsules is so wrong. more
International travel trade fair Berlin
As each year, in beginning of March, there was one of the biggest international tourism based fairs held in Berlin. This year it was the 50th instalment of the event, which the organizers can be really proud of. The main partner of this year's evet was the island country Maldives. more
Say Hi to Alpe Adria!
Alps-Adria is a region that offers everything - mountains, sea, hiking trails, lakes and more. This is why we published some excellent articles with tips on how to discover this beautiful region in our blog HI Alpe Adria. Why not visit it and find out something new? more
Projects open possibilities
As you may know, there are many projects happening every month in a lot of different countries. Many times the projects are a part of the Erasmus+, which is based on youth mobility and youth education. With projects, they give the youth a better chance for employment. more
New hostel in Belo Horizonte
The Capital of Minas Gerais, a Brazilian state, is an intriguing city, with architecture and landscapes that mixes the modern with the classic, in a way you can only find here. Belo Horizonte is a capital, but at the same time expresses the simple and joyful way of living, that is so typical in the state of Minas Gerais. more
Country and Alenka meet in London
There's a C2C festival in London, with the full name Country to Country, which has been going on for four years now. I always wanted to go and this year, with Miranda Lambert, my favourite singer, performing, I knew this is my time to attend. more
The Maltese adventure – part II
We already learned that Malta is a charming island, with nice people who do not drive on the right side of the road. And we've checked out what is (apart from Malta only other permanently inhabited island) Gozo like in the following days. To the north we visited Popeye's village, which reached the child in us. more
Sardinia, the second largest island of the Mediterranean, was shaped by its loneliness. Many centuries of isolation kept it a pristine world of its own. The beaches are great, the sea turquoise, nature unspoiled and the animals interesting. more
The Valley of Glinščica
We have to realize though, that we have beautiful nature at the palm of the hand, possibilities for recreation and many activities in nature and also to learn, discover, explore … Some spend a lot of time and money to visit such a natural pearl as is the valley of Glinščica. more
Say HI to Bovec
We stopped in front of the Bovec hostel reception. It's taken care of by Sanel and Samo, who are also the owners. We got the keys of the room and settled in. Beds were freshly made and the huge bunks smelled of new wood and under each one there was a locker. more
Say HI to Scandinavia Blog
Let us introduce to you sayhitoscandinavia, the brainchild of Ragna Skøien. Ragna had a vision and persuaded Maria de la Cruz to employ her talents to our benefit, and she was good to go! She set up the blog, got us all together and the rest is history. more
A View of Lake Constance
Lake Constance is situated in the northern Alpine foothills and is fed by the Rhine. Its borders belong to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Active visitors are presented with a great variety of leisure-time opportunities. Signposted cycle paths lead the way along the shore, you can sail or paddle by canoe ... more