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August 2016  
Making Memories on a Blog
Travel blogs are becoming more and more popular. The first travel blogs appeared about a decade ago. Social networks, multimedia content and independent travellers have become one of the most creative bloggers online. more
For 1 year around the globe - Part XI
If you are flying around in Asia, it might happen, that you'll have a layover in Singapore. If your layover is longer than 5,5 hours, you can join a free guided tour. They offer two: heritage or city sights. more
Sri Lanka
Exactly one year ago, in July 2015, I was in Sri Lanka. I went to the wedding of a good friend, and I thought “as long as I am here, I should also see a bit of this country!”. After all, one of the few things I knew about this country before my trip was that cinnamon was first discovered there. more
Slovenia and its Beauty
Let’s go for a trip around Slovenia. Do you know Slovenia? This little country offers so much. Kind people, good food, beautiful nature wherever your eye will rest. Take a week or two just for Slovenia. more
Brno Underground
Brno is the seconds biggest city of Czech Republic, after Prague, and birthplace of one of my favorite writers, Milan Kundera. Because of that I wanted to visit it, and I immediately fell in love with everything. more
Mallorca is one of the three Balearic Islands that lie in the Mediterranean sea. All three islands, Ibiza, Menorca and Mallorca, are an attractive tourist destination. Mallorca is the biggest and invites tourists from all over the world. more
A New Website for Backpackers
Danhostel now has a Backpacker Website, which focuses on Denmark’s three largest cities: Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense. more
Europe in Two Weeks - Part II
If you have a Hostelling International member card that offers 10 % discount on accommodation, sleep in hostels and enjoy some culinary treats this is going to be a trip worth trying and won’t empty your pocket completely. more
Expedition to Elbrus – Part IV
Expedition to Elbrus gave us so much momentum that we simply had to travel to Armenia and see this amazing and wonderful country. A lot of people ask me, why we had to go there. Well, travellers are a different kind of people ... more
Aitutaki islands
Flying on a smaller plane was good. It was great because the pilot cabin was open and you can really see the sky in every direction. After coming to a miniature airport Aitutaki (the flight takes about an hour from the bigger island Rarotonga) you can immediately see the beautiful lagoon of this beautiful atoll. more
European capital Copenhagen
Copenhagen definitely took me to my childhood in the moment when I stepped into the museum Ripley’s. I became a little girl in the world of Hans Christian Andersen. He was born in 1805 and he took us to the world of stories. more
Linz and Salzburg
If we ate Linz cake in Linz, the greatest temptation in Salzburg were Mozartkugels. Yes, a lot of things are running around the most famous citizen, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. We visited his birth house and his museum. more
Alberta is a Canadian province with the most extreme landscape differences. There is endless flatland on one side and high mountains on the other. And the border between them is very small. more
Heldrungen Youth Hostel
30 youth hostels in Germany can be found in fortresses, castles and mansions. Now, one of Germany's most beautiful historical buildings has been fully restored. more