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January 2017  
Volunteer work in Mallorca
HI Slovenia enables its volunteers different exchanges in international environment where they can develop their personality and competences while volunteering. There is a wide variety of work opportunities so everyone can find something. more
Travelling: a panacea?
Unfortunately, few they are who can just flee and let everything behind them, without being concerned about it. But taking a break, a sort of deep breath of fresh air, seems already less utopian. more
Flensburg – charms of port city
We were getting to know northern Germany and the path took us to Flensburg, which lies just before the border with Denmark. But we started feeling the Scandinavian country an hour before when we started driving by half-wooden houses with thatched roofs. more
Active Life with Children - Part 2
Spending your pastime usefully is certainly a wonderful thing for both sides, for the parents and as well for the children. The outcome of it is mutual satisfaction. Personally I'm doing this alone with two children. more
What to do in Marseille on less than €10 budget
A contemporary city with a Mediterranean temperament, Marseille will transport and enthral you. Here are some tips to help you explore its treasures. more
Malta during the winter
Close your eyes and think about the perfect holiday on a Mediterranean island. Do you see the clear blue sky, the sun, sandy beaches and a chilled cocktail in your hand? Malta is definitely one of the greatest places to spend your summers. more
Lillehammer, winter fairy-tail
Only two hours by train or by car north from Oslo, you will discover one of the most interesting cities in Norway: Lillehammer. Best known for hosting the Winter Olympic Games in 1994, Lillehammer is currently a lively city that offers many attractions. more
Volunteering and competences
My name is Ana and I am a quite hardworking volunteer at the Hostelling International Slovenia. With HI Slovenia I participate in Erasmus + projects, here and there I write some articles and I even had a travelogue lecture in the hostel Pekarna. more
Stockholm, a colourful and lively place
Maybe there is still a misconception about financial inaccessibility of northern cities, but that is for quite some time now not true anymore. The capital city of Sweden offers a lot of opportunities for all types of visitors. more
Wonderful Bled
Every tourist who’s visiting Slovenia should stop in this beautiful tourist city. Many songs sing about the beauty of this city. This is the home of the best Slovenian dessert, Bled cream cake, in Slovenian “kremšnita”. more
Climbing Slovenian hills
After a cloudy Saturday morning I was optimistic for the rest of the day as I wanted to climb to the mountain cottage in Kamniško sedlo the same day, sleep there and then climb both hills well rested on Sunday morning. more
Rijeka Carnival
Rijeka is a one-of-a-kind city for a number of reasons and beside all the specific features it has “that certain something” that makes it different from the rest of the world. more
Quiz for travel lovers
Are you the type of person who makes a new best friend every time you travel or do you prefer to see the world on your own, guidebook in hand? How you travel says a lot about you. And what if you could improve the world just by being you? more
Young, stylish and alive
Not only is the city the capital of federal state North-Rhine-Westphalia, but it’s also one of Europe’s art and fashion capitals. The view from the city’s tallest structure, the Rhine Tower at almost 800 feet, enables us to see many of the big attractions. more