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November 2014  
Hidden islands Banda
The reason that Banda islands stay an unchecked item on most traveller’s bucket lists is the series of logistic riddles you need to solve before reaching the island’s capital of Bandaneira. more
Project in Korea
Katja Stanonik is a traveller who went to Korea when she read the news of Hostelling International Slovenia where we collect all of the travelling possibilities. more
See Prague in 3 days
A city known for its rich history, parties, good beer and a city where many world famous historical personalities come from – like Kafka, Smetana and Dvořák. more
Thailand – the country of smiles - part I
Most Thai people know their capital under the name of Krung Thep, or the city of angels. The people from remote provinces may have never even heard it is officially called Bangkok ... more
The Lakes of Upper Carniola
Upper Carniola is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Slovenia. Primarily its idyllic lakes draw in tourists from near and far whether it be impoverished students or American backpackers. more
Winter offer in Hostel pod Voglom
Experience Bohinj in Winter. Vogel ski resort attracts ski enthusiasts from everywhere. In Hostel pod Voglom we have prepared winter packages that include multi-day ski pass for Vogel Ski Center. more
Hostel Pekarna to introduce new quality system
Hostel Pekarna was functioning in the place of the former army bakery at the Magdalena park just a few meters from the city centre. more
New Hostel in Brazil
Do you know Goânia? This city is a proof that Brazil is more than just wonderful beaches. Goiânia is a city located in the heart of Brazil and it is the capital of the state of Goiás. more
The pre-Christmas season
The most beautiful time of the year is not complete without a stroll through a Christmas fair. A cup of hot mulled wine and the enticing fragrance of gingerbread guarantee a worthwhile trip. more
Volunteering in Norway
Ximena, a 32-year-old business woman from Santiago, Chile, gushes about her experiences as a social volunteer for Bergen Hostel Montana in western Norway. more
Across the southern Czech Republic - part I
The country with a rich medieval history, tasty dumplings, a gentle bohemian spirit and loud pubs, where cigarette smoke gets in your freshly washed hair. more
Moving out - or not?
During my stay in Slovenia I noticed a number of cultural differences, some smaller, some bigger. Some concern transport, some concern family life, some concern other social patterns. more
Mighty nature of the far north
Iceland is the land of mighty geysers, waterfalls, glaciers, lava fields and lagoons with icy mountains. You can see whales ad puffins there, bathe in the thermal springs and ... more
Between Washington and New York – part III
Do you remember when I was describing Washington – the museums, the order, the peace and ease? Well, this time it will be different. more
Dovška Baba
For many one of the most beautiful look-out points is the mountain by the name of Dovška Baba. As soon as you cross the line, where the forest turns to meadows, you will get a great view of the neighbouring peaks and valleys. more
Tourist destination Kranjska Gora
Discover the treasure trove of the Upper Sava Valley the heart of which is Kranjska Gora. Let your adventure begin here! Experience more than 150 original adventures prepared by tourism workers. more
Travelling with the group?
With our experience we are confident, we can help you have a nice, pleasant and safe stay with your group; and we can help you organize even the most complicated of activities. more
Winter in Switzerland
150 years ago the first winter tourists visited Switzerland and that is how the original winter tourism started. Today, more than 200 winter sport resorts invite tourists from all over the world. more
A getaway to Canada
Autumn is certainly the most beautiful season of the year, but also the shortest: hold onto it while you can, because it comes and goes at full speed! more
Group up and go explore
We’ll give you some tips on how you can use the Groups website to plan your next trip, how it can uncover new opportunities and experiences, how you can find a different way of travelling. more