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July 2016  
Volunteering for HI Slovenia
I ended up at Hostelling international Slovenia by coincidence. A few years ago, it was a warm summer, everything went wrong for me and my boyfriend. We were pretty unhappy, because we both lost our jobs and we didn't have an apartment. more
Europe in Two Weeks - Part I
Roadtrip through Europe is probably on the bucket list of many students. But where to go, what to visit, what to do? The idea is to travel Europe and countries that hide something interesting, fun, adventurous. What are we waiting for? Let’s go! more
Expedition to Elbrus – Part III
Georgia is a country, which charms every traveller. It definitely charmed us with endless mountains on the north of the country. At the border we immediately saw the might mountains on both sides of the border. more
Bratislava, the perfect weekend
Bratislava is an amazing city: small, walking-friendly, with a beautiful old town, lots of nice restaurants and a vibrant amount of travellers and locals who meet in the streets of this city. more
Where to put your Camera?
A camera is an indispensable thing on trips for most travellers. It was always next to me. At first it was a simple but reliable East-German model, later it was a Japanese model, which stayed with me even in time of digitalization. more
Visiting Mount Ivanac in Slavia Friulana
When you decide to escape the every-day routine and enjoy the world through nature, take some time to think, Mount Ivanac is the perfect choice. The mountain with 1167 metres will definitely impress you. more
France’s five best cycling routes
Do you love your bicycle and the freedom it gives you to just pedal off for miles of adventures? Come to France and spin your wheels around our countryside, taking in our fabulous heritage. more
A perfect weekend in Berlin
The three friends went to school together. Since then they have been studying in different cities and rarely meet. But now they have arranged to meet up for a weekend together in the German capital and have opted for the new youth hostel “Berlin Ostkreuz”. more
For 1 year around the globe - Part X
Borneo is an island, where 3 countries share the land – the Malaysian part is called as the island itself Borneo, the Indonesian part is Kalimantan and there is also a tiny country called Brunei. We were travelling from Kota Kinabalu to the south, when we stumbled upon Brunei. more
Do you dare to put your thumb up?
I’m sure that everyone once wanted to hitchhike, as this is the cheapest way to travel from one point to the other and it is the most adrenalin way of travel. It is definitely something worth trying and brings you new experience. How do you feel about going on a hitchhiking trip? more
Greece – Part III
It has no ruins from classical Greece (around 5th century BC), but it can boast with Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman remains and it has more attractions, protected by Unesco than any other city in Greece. more
Charming Tuscany? Yes!
It was impossible to resist the description of travelling in this part of Italy that was made by Biljana and Renato, so I made a decision. I’m going. I was getting to know the beauties of Tuscany... more
Travelling in South America with a Baby
Travelling with my seven-month daughter began. Everything that I planned finally started to come true. I was a little uncertain if we’re doing the right thing. If it’s ok to go to a trip like this and she was just sleeping. more
HI Hostel Chapada Suítes
The new and charming HI Hostel Chapada Suítes is an extension of the traditional HI Chapada Hostel. This Hostel was specially planned to welcome families, couples and groups of friends, as it offers only private rooms with more comfort. more
The Maltese Village Feast Festa
The Maltese festa is the biggest event of the year for most locals, who are passionate and proud of their village feast and compete to carry the statue of the patron saint from the church and into the village. more
The Celebration of World's Environmental Day
From the interest of Qatar Youth Hostels to keep up with global private events, which have to do with the objectives of youth hostel movement, youth hostels organized an activity on the occasion of Word's Environmental Day. more