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March 2017  
“Strange shepherd" on a Motorcycle
Author Boštjan Šifrar’s life is anything but boring. Captured in Afghanistan and suspected of spying for the Taliban, stories about Russians and their vodka, in Mongolia he was staying with locals in their doughnut-like homes. more
New Discounts for HI Members
Is your HI membership card sitting somewhere in a corner, covered in dust? Then it is definitely time to book another hostel anywhere on the HI map and to take your membership card on a new adventure. more
Travelling to Swaziland
Our path leads us to safari park Hlane on northeast of the country. It is known by many lions and rhinos. Because we rented a car, we decided to do a “self-drive” safari and drove through the extremely dry national park. more
Two Travellers, Two Places
You might’ve heard of Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital. It is a beautiful city, full of life even when it rains. The culture, the fashion, the shops and the green parks. What more could you wish for? more
Marburg, an atypical student city
Places that I have visited so far on my trips and journeys I can divide into two categories. Among those in which I fell in love immediately upon arrival and those where I could hardly wait for the day of my departure. more
Youth Hostel sewing camp
Jogging, aerobics and jam making are a thing of the past. Creative sewing is the new big trend, especially on social networks. The internet is full of tips and tutorials. However, real-life exchange is much better, and so 55 young women met up in person in Youth Hostel. more
Consuming Sustainably month
Consuming Sustainably means making conscious decisions on buying products that ensure continued great service and quality, but at the same time taking into account all three areas of sustainability. more
New York – the city of squalor
Skyscrapers. The great American dream. The Statue of Liberty. Green lawns and enormous parks. Glitzy designer shops. Posh restaurants. People falling in love in the most random locations. A mix of cultures... more
Torres del Paine
There is just one place in the world that can make you cry because you cannot handle so much beauty, and it is Torres del Paine. The so called 8th World Wonder is located in Chile, 2.5 hour-flight southern from Santiago. more
Azores, the European Oasis - Part 2
Journey through the heart of Atlantic is really special. Unspoiled beautiful nature and a peaceful way of life. I could soon be getting used to it. Traveling with my parents, an infant and a toddler was not even the least strenuous. more
Romantic ride on the river Danube
River Danube is the second longest river in Europe, right after Volga River. Its path runs from Schwarzwald in Germany to the Black Sea. It is more than just water for the country it runs through. It is a cultural area and a water path. more
Visiting Biarritz
Do you already feel the hot wind of the holidays? Then how about a trip to the Basque country – to Biarritz? Famous among surfers all over the world, Biarritz has authenticity, beach scenery, street life, great culture and leisure sports, all under the sun ... and it’s free! more