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January 2016  
When packing, don't forget to…
Stuffing clothes into a suitcase, wondering what else do I need and what I have too much off, what not to forget ... it’s not what I get up in the morning happy to worry about. more
For 1 year around the globe - part VI
Our big 1-year-around-the-world adventure started 4 months ago and all we knew, when we left home was, that we want to spend NYE in Sydney. When booking flights, we ended up with visiting 4 cities in USA. more
Camino de Santiago, a journey into the unknown
Although there are a few years since I've conquered the cathedral of St. Jacob in Santiagu de Compostela in the north-west of Spain, the memories still live within me. My sister and I went on the 780 kilometre journey in 2010. more
Sunny Stockholm
The school year hasn't really started, but I already missed having a break and a visit to one of beautiful European capitals. So it was in mid-September that I started browsing the Skyscanner webpage and found a ticket for only 60€. more
Say HI to Alpe Adria
“Alpe Adria, you say? Of course, we belong to this region also!” is a response of a proud Slovene. But when we ask, if he knows anything else about this region, he most likely humbly says no. more
Hostel Lindau at Lake Constance
Lively, colourful and busy life flows through the streets of the old town. In the evening 6,000 lights illuminate the harbour of Lake Constance. The city of Lindau offers everything a vacationer's heart desires. more
Things to do for free in Lille
Head for the North, at the crossroads of Europe. In Lille, a friendly welcome and a festive tradition warm the cockles of your heart! A university city, Lille is constantly on the go. A fun affordable getaway inspired by this selection of “great ideas”. more
A different world
Walking the well mark trails makes you feel safe and stable, but what's it like to go down an unmarked path? First steps are hard and fear is our biggest enemy usually just behind your shoulder, while you're going into the unknown. more
Myanmar, the land of golden pagodas!
Once called Siam, but today Myanmar, is a very colourful and still mysterious land of golden pagodas, Buddhist tradition and smiling people. Once isolated land is slowly opening to the world, but remains an enigma to many. more
The country for the rich
The country of Monaco is the second smallest sovereign state in the world, but is really famous due to its immense wealth. It’s a 1,95 square kilometres small dukedom at the coast of the Mediterranean, squeezed between France and the Azorean coast. more
The capital of free spirit
Amsterdam is big enough to let you feel at home and a part of multicultural at the same time and small enough that you can visit most locations by foot on bicycle, which is the most commonly used transportation. more
A climb to Vrtača for tour skiing
It was unplanned, when a friend and I went to Vrtača to do some tour skiing. We planned to climb a different slope but the sight of Vrtača tempted us to try it. more
Beautiful coast in Brazil
Bombinhas lies on the beautiful coast of Santa Catarina, Brazil. The destination offers clear waters, beautiful beaches and lush vegetation, forming a breathtaking landscape. more
Meeting Rooms at England hostels
Youth Hostel Association in England and Wales have hosted meetings for both internal and external guests since before we can remember. But we’ve never really shouted about it … until now! Our inspiring meeting rooms are ready and waiting for you. more